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ufw-tools are two simple-ish scripts for uploading files to


I do not promise any support for any of the provided scripts. That said, I'll do what I can for you if I'm not too busy and/or drunk.



ufw is the main one, it uploads shit.

Usage: ufw [-RsF] [-D num] [file/url]"
        -R                   # Remove the file after uploading.
        -s                   # Make a screenshot and upload it instead of a file.
        -F                   # Make a fullscreen shot instead of prompting for a window/area. Implies -s.
        -d                   # Supply a dexcription.
        -D <num>             # Delay the shot by <num> seconds.
        -p                   # Make the file public.
        -u                   # Generate a shortlink from URL.
        -m                   # Maximum filesize (takes K, M and G suffixes).
        -a                   # Add the file to an album.
        -A                   # API response format.

    Config options (~/.config/ufw):
        secret               # Your personal token. Get it at
        cfg_screenshot_ext   # Screenshot file type, used by scrot.
        cfg_max_filesize     # Maximum filesize in megabytes.
        # Others are self-explanatory:


ufwd periodically checks a directory of your choosing (defaults to $XDG_RUNTIME DIR/ufwd) and invokes ufw to upload the files and remove them.

Usage: ufwd [-hn] [-d workdir] -D [check delay]
   -h            # Show this message.
   -n            # Enable notifications with notify-send. Must be installed.
   -d [path]     # Set the dir that is to be watched.
   -D [sec]      # Set the check interval.