Mute's Bondage Club Hacks Collection
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Mute's Bondage Club Hacks Collection

This document is updated with stable releases, for additional documentation please consult the wiki.

Stable vs. unstable versions

Stable version is updated less often and after some testing. Hopefully it contains less bugs, but also is behind on new features. By the same token, unstable version is updated more often and with minimal testing by the authors. Think of it as beta versions of the club. Trunk version is the least tested and the most updated.

Loader scripts

These download the corresponding main script, making sure it's always fresh. Most Tampermonkey users should probably use the loader instead of adding the main script directly. Tampermonkey has an update check, but loaders are just more convenient if you want to always have the current version.

On the other hand, if you want to control the script versions yourself, don't use the loader.


BCE integration

None at the moment. Please ask BCE devs to add MBCHC loading if you want to have it (seems like a good idea to us).


  1. Install Tampermonkey.
  2. Select a script you want to add below, then click its URL.
  3. Tampermonkey should recognise the script and prompt you for installation.
  4. Refresh the club page and enjoy.


(Doesn't work just yet, will be supported in the next release.)



The loader script for the stable version (if unsure, use this).



The main script, stable version.



The loader script for the unstable version (use this if you want to help testing).



The main script, unstable version.



The main script, trunk version. (use this if you really want the latest).



These are new commands this mod adds, use /help for syntax.


This command will make you invisible, if you are wearing an anal hook tied to hair.

You might also want to consider hiding your arousal meter.


Toggles an autohack mode. Currently this mode starts hacking again as soon as the data gets stolen.

Be informed that autohacking is much less lucrative due to game mechanics. No plans to "fix" this.


Buy data on the black market and send it to someone. Serves as money transfer. Doesn't require anything from the other party except from being restrained. Data will cost you more than it will make, this is by design.


Send a nod activity, as if clicked on the button.


Send a headshake activity, as if clicked on the button.


Send a shrug activity.

/myself (or @)

Send a custom activity as yourself. Example: "@shivers" will send "(YourName shivers.)"

/activity (or @@)

Send a custom activity. Example: "@@it starts to rain" will send "(It starts to rain.)"


Set a custom title. Currenty only works with the same titles you can select. Work in progress.

Geek corner

Yes, we are aware of all the nifty git features (branches etc.), we just don't use them. This mod is low effort, just enough to work without errors and deliver features we find useful. We also have to keep in mind not everyone in the club works in software development, so it needs to be as user-friendly as possible.


Sure, welcome onboard. Please send pull requests, patches, ideas, feedback, feature requests and bug reports.


Beyond social functions this site provides, you can always find us in the club or drop us an email. We don't use discord.