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LemonBoy 35183ab81d
Merge pull request #210 from dmgk/master 4 years ago
Dmitri Goutnik 09b5a9b8ba Update VERSION 4 years ago
LemonBoy 2f255b1756 Release version 1.3 5 years ago
LemonBoy 8cd84e8edf Merge pull request #202 from felixkiss/patch-1 5 years ago
Felix Kiss b721a37ab0 Fix typo 5 years ago
LemonBoy 1411d260a4 Correctly handle escaped % symbols 5 years ago
LemonBoy 50fe7d2083 Merge pull request #193 from baskerville/fix-end-x 6 years ago
Bastien Dejean 84be3d8dbf Fix {top,bottom}_end_x strut value 6 years ago
LemonBoy d680ea4256 Set the WM_NAME for all the windows. 6 years ago
LemonBoy 44a708b7a4 Don't use optarg directly when parsing the -n switch argument. 6 years ago
LemonBoy 40f08d5245 Silence a warning about write() result being unused. 6 years ago
LemonBoy 3dbdf9d078 Update the .travis.yml to build all the features 6 years ago
LemonBoy a3fb967ad9 Make it possible to build lemonbar w/o XINERAMA support 6 years ago
TheLemonMan ae5a3a477a Merge pull request #170 from Stebalien/pixel-offset 6 years ago
Steven Allen f2662d75c8 Add pixel offset 8 years ago
Giuseppe 3020df1923 Merge pull request #169 from vyp/literal-percent 6 years ago
xd1le 13dcc66cae Document literal percent sign under formatting 6 years ago
Giuseppe c788534107 Merge pull request #165 from JeromeBon/feature_issue161_default_underline_color 6 years ago
Jérôme Bon 0f2cfbab28 Implement [Issue #161 - Feature request] 6 years ago
Giuseppe 61985278f2 Merge pull request #162 from baskerville/master 6 years ago
Bastien Dejean d3d7a87b66 Commands in clickable areas aren't executed 7 years ago
LemonBoy 7c8eb7495b Fix an off-by-one error in 'area_get'. 7 years ago
Giuseppe f26b88272e Merge pull request #159 from AdamNiederer/patch-1 7 years ago
Adam Niederer 214ad63925 Fix Typo 7 years ago
Giuseppe 495ac4e546 Merge pull request #158 from sector-f/master 7 years ago
Adam e4ea4071ab Added -a to README.pod (and, therefore, the man page) 7 years ago
Giuseppe 63ed303553 Merge pull request #157 from krypt-n/scroll-fix 7 years ago
krypt-n e0aee14533 Saving 4 byte of memory on 32-Bit systems 7 years ago
krypt-n da26209013 Fix LemonBoy/bar#154 and krypt-n/bar#18 7 years ago
LemonBoy 2c0f57c584 Prevent load_font calls before connecting to X 7 years ago
Bastien Dejean 3b5baa93b1 The WM_NAME option takes an argument 7 years ago
LemonBoy 531c575575 Allow the user to set the WM_NAME atom value 7 years ago
LemonBoy 6580e2d4f7 Warn the user when the area geometry is invalid 7 years ago
LemonBoy 255c93dc7a Make the number of clickable areas configurable. 7 years ago
LemonBoy 38422c5014 Don't parse named colors. Expand #rgb format. 7 years ago
Giuseppe 1585d7257d Merge pull request #150 from neeasade/monitor_sort 7 years ago
Nathan Isom 7f8a79131b Account for height of monitors in sorting. 7 years ago
neeasade 177deb0860 bar -> lemonbar in .gitignore, remove config.h in .gitignore 7 years ago
Giuseppe b331ee3927 Merge pull request #137 from chadvoegele/master 7 years ago
chad 71ed0d3375 Rewrite *p, *(p+1) as p[0], p[1] for readability. 7 years ago
Chad Voegele 63a55dd06c Keep percent signs if not followed by {} block. 7 years ago
Giuseppe a390ef6a5c Merge pull request #132 from krypt-n/font-count-fix 7 years ago
Giuseppe 04d22b4ae5 Merge pull request #141 from DelusionalLogic/master 7 years ago
Jesper Jensen 73d8c58286 Conform to coding standard and errors 7 years ago
Jesper Jensen 49fdc25f37 Fixed font selection 7 years ago
krypt-n a8fa2766fb Check force_count to be lower than MAX_FONT_COUNT 7 years ago
LemonBoy a9f285fd28 Update the usage text 7 years ago
LemonBoy 7880eac8c9 Minor change to -f handling 7 years ago
LemonBoy 25c3441925 travis: Run a apt-get update before installing the needed packages 7 years ago
LemonBoy b82d96a68e Use the maximum width reported by the font if the attributes table isn't found 7 years ago