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Jack L. Frost 4939405926 ABS is not using SVN anymore
Signed-off-by: fbt <fbt@fleshless.org>
2023-10-26 14:54:30 +00:00
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prm ABS is not using SVN anymore 2023-10-26 14:54:30 +00:00



A very simple AUR/ABS helper. Doesn't build packages, only gets the sources.

Usage: prm [flags] <package>
        -h        Show this message.
        -s        Search for <package>.
          -S        Search only in the sync db. Implies -s.
          -A        Search only in AUR. Implies -s.
        -d        Get the package sources (default). Set twice to also get the dependencies.
          -n      Don't update existing git repos.
        -u        Print out all (and download if -d/-dd) outdated AUR packages.
        -U <url>  Set AUR url.
        -w <dir>  Set the working directory.
        --nossl   Set curl's --insecure flag.

You can override any value in the script in $HOME/.config/prm.rc.sh By default prm downloads the sources into the current directory. Controlled by $cfg_workdir.