Making the already easy trivial, one Containerfile at a time.
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What is this?

This repo is an easy way to run Easy Diffusion in a podman container. I needed to put Easy Diffusion into a container for my own purposes, and publishing this wasn't a lot of effort; so here we are.

I highly recommend rootless podman, as otherwise running the container will result in the ui running as root in a privileged container.

This targets Nvidia and Arch, and nothing else, I'm old and lazy.

It should work on anything that has an Nvidia GPU, podman, and the nvidia container toolkit (with the nvidia devices setup hook).

Note that there's currently an issue with the AUR packages for Nvidia's container toolkit. See this issue for details and a workaround.


# Build the image
podman build . -t 'stable-diffusion-ui'

# Run the container
podman run -it --device --security-opt=label=disable --name stable-diffusion-ui -p 9000:9000 -v ./data:/opt/stable-diffusion-ui localhost/stable-diffusion-ui

# Get to the interface
browser http://localhost:9000