Spark's package building scripts
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Spark autobuilder

To use the build scripts, grab the latest Spark rootfs in one of the following ways:

curl -sL | podman import - localhost/spark
# or
git clone; cd spark-rootfs; podman build --rm -t localhost/spark .

Then build a builder image from ./autobuilder:

cd ./autobuilder; podman build --rm -t localhost/spark:autobuilder .

Example for Arch images:

cd autobuilder
podman build --build-arg --rm -t localhost/arch:autobuilder .

PODMAN_IMAGE=localhost/arch:autobuilder makepkg-ci /tmp/pkg


Builds Arch packages using podman. Takes the image name in the PODMAN_IMAGE env var.


[PODMAN_IMAGE=<image>] makepkg-podman [makepkg_args]


git clone /tmp/ssm-git
cd /tmp/ssm-git
makepkg-podman -sL


Builds Arch packages from a git repo using makepkg-podman and puts the packages into dest.


[PODMAN_IMAGE=<image>] makepkg-ci <dest> <url>


makepkg-ci /tmp/artifacts


Tracks given git repos for changes and builds packages on updates. pkgbuilder.conf goes into $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pkgbuilder/config